Business Ideas


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Business Ideas For all

  1. Online businesses
  2. Delivery services
  3. Consultancy services
  4. Start your own radio show.
  5. A door to door service
    1. Tutor services
    2. Cleaning and Gardening Services

6. Flayer business card and magazine distribution services.

7. Data collection services


Comment your questions for detail business plans.


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  1. One of the worlds different looking country.
  2. The only uncolonized state in Africa.
  3. The only country which has letters “feedel” in Africa.
  4. The only country which uses its own calendar.

Traffic Accident in Ethiopia

Traffic accident in Ethiopia is becoming one of the most causes of death.

The Main problems are

  1. Driving skill
  2. Road Problems
  3. Vehicle Performances
    1. steering changed vehicles low performance
      1. Stability problem
      2. Mirrors lower visibility.
      3. Lower steering performance and failure.
      4. Lower break performance and failure.
  4. Pedestrian problems


Live simple

Only own what you use.

Own less buy less and live better.

Don’t buy chip if you don’t use it.

Your home your office your working places are place where to live and work they are not storage spaces.

Owning less is better than organizing more.

Less stuff means less to clean, less to organize, less to store, less mess.

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