Requirements for Bank Loan In Ethiopia

Requirements for Bank Loan In Ethiopia

  1. Credit application form
  2. Renewed licence
    1. Trade license
    2. Principal registration no.
    3. investment license. if applicable
    4. Memorandum of association and article of association MOA & AOA
    5. TIN of the applicant and spouse in case of a sole proprietorship. manager and shareholders in case of share company and Private limited company.
  3. Borrowers financial Statement
    1. Audited Financial statement
    2. Loan statement if any with other banks
  4. Collateral Information
    1. Title Deed / LHC ( Land Holding Certificates)
    2. Booklet for machinery and vehicles
    3. Land lease agreement
    4. Architectural and Other plans including Bill of quantity
  5. Tax Clearance certificate from ERCA
  6. Marital Status



  1. One of the worlds different looking country.
  2. The only uncolonized state in Africa.
  3. The only country which has letters “feedel” in Africa.
  4. The only country which uses its own calendar.

Traffic Accident in Ethiopia

Traffic accident in Ethiopia is becoming one of the most causes of death.

The Main problems are

  1. Driving skill
  2. Road Problems
  3. Vehicle Performances
    1. steering changed vehicles low performance
      1. Stability problem
      2. Mirrors lower visibility.
      3. Lower steering performance and failure.
      4. Lower break performance and failure.
  4. Pedestrian problems


Nutrition and Health in Ethiopia

Nutrition is one of the basic aspect in health specially in Ethiopia that is highly related  with both over and under nutrition. By considering this problems Need Nutritional Products and Services P.L.C has started counselling   and Consultancy services in Ethiopia.

3  Easy steps to start business in Ethiopia

3  Easy steps to start business in Ethiopia

  1. Hire local business advisor.
  2. Choosing type of business registration format.

    Sole Proprietorship

    Private Limited Company (P.L.C)

    Share Company (S.C)

  3. Business registration and licensing process.


Ministry of Culture and Tourism – Ethiopia


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